Public Limited Company
Public Limited Company is the ideal choice of corporate entity for medium and large sized businesses that raise equity capital from the public. 
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What is Public Limited Company?

A limited company grants limited liability to its owners and management. Being a public company allows a firm to sell shares to investors this is beneficial in raising capital. A minimum of three Directors are required for establishing a Public Limited Company and it has more stringent regulatory requirements compared to a Private Limited Company.
Public Limited Companies are those types of companies where the minimum number of members is seven and there is no cap on the maximum number of members. A public limited company has most of the characteristics of a private limited company. A public limited company has all the advantages of a private limited company and the ability to have any number of members, ease in transfer of shareholding and more transparency. Identifying marks of a public limited company are name, number of members, shares, formation, management, directors and meetings, etc.,
Limited Liability Protection to Directors personal assets
The company is the best option for entrepreneurs with larger investment requirements. In a Public limited company, only investment in shares of the business is lost, personal assets of the directors are safe.
Better image and credibility in Market
The public limited company is popular and well-known business structure. Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies prefer to deal with Public Limited Company instead of proprietorship or normal partnerships.
Easy to raise funds and loans
Public Limited company can list itself in various stock exchanges in India and raise capital from the stock market. The limited company also enjoys wide options to raise funds through bank loans, general public and Institutional investors.

Easy Transfer of shares
Most important it is very easy to exit from a Public limited company, only shares of the company need to be handed over to the purchaser along with the signed share transfer forms.

Favorite Business structure for Investors
Investors love to invest in Public Limited companies as it is well structured and transparent business structure.

Most Suitable for Heavy Investment

Public Company is the best choice for businesses involving heavy investment.